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About MediaBuying

MediaBuying is a combination of human resources and empowered technology, which shaped us as a team of tech lovers and AdTech experts. Assuring high scale user acquisition while maintaining maximum quality and ROI by your loyal users. Placing your mobile campaign requirements as part of our daily goals and targets, we deliver transparency across our media planning efforts.

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Brand safety

Your brand's safety is our top priority for building healthy relationship.

Auto Optimization

Our in-house auto optimization tool taking care of CVR and EVR

Priority on user retention and engagement

Our main goal is user retention and engagement for all the campaigns we run to get more ROI.

Anti-Fraud Mechanism

Our in-house anti-fraud technology works in background to fight fraud.








Media Buyers


With our Media Buying team, we provides all mobile marketing service for Applications worldwide.

Programmatic Buying

Proprietary performance distribution platform for programmatic buying for performance campaigns.

Media Planning

We do plan for your brand to achieve results from all the channels including social media.

User Acquisition

Multi-Channel user acquisition technology to get you unique users.


Proactive approach ensures compliant traffic and allows full-brand safety and transparency to the advertisers.

Data Analysis

Analyzing massive amounts of data to quickly identify opportunities and take advantage of it.

Explicit Targeting

Customized targeting by zip codes, gender, device id and other parameters according to your campaign requirement


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